Detailed cataloging of material assets is critical for appraisals, insurance, donations, loans, and security purposes. Documentation of art collections & other assets includes compiling inventory data, photography, and video recording. Professional documentation provides peace of mind for stolen property recovery and insurance claims. It also provides evidence of condition for loan and appraisal purposes.

With your asset information compiled in a database you have all your data in one location. From a database, one can generate a variety of reports tailored to the specific need. These reports can be sorted in any order required: artist, category, region, appraisal value, etc. 

Visual documentation consists of high definition video and high-resolution digital photographs. These images are included in the assets’ database record, providing fully integrated documentation. 

The security of your information is ensured through encryption and backup of all data and images. Copies are also provided to the client.

Art Collection Services (ACS) offers collectors, dealers, and galleries the highest quality documentation of art collections and personal property. Professionalism, attention to detail, responsiveness, client service, and confidentiality are the hallmarks of the business. ACS has saved its’ clients thousands of dollars in appraisal and other fees by eliminating redundancies. 

ACS founder Carrie Haley is a highly regarded professional who has documented several notable collections for both private collectors and cultural institutions.  Carrie also provides consulting services for asset deaccession and disposition. She holds a Master of Arts Degree from the University of Hawaii and specializes in Native American arts and cultural objects from the Pacific and Africa. 
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